Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Vacation

Mark had summer vacation from June 22 to July 3 , though it did seem to start a week earlier than that with only having one class on finals week. To say the least he has been home for a LONG time. To long for him, he has been very antsy about getting back to school. Here are just a few things we did this break. Most of the time we spent at home getting ready for the move , taking naps and watching movies

This holiday weekend we took Mark to My Museum here in Monterey. We had been at home bored , with Bubba going CRAZY. Needing to get him out of the house we decided to head out and see if he could wear himself out. Bubba had a great time , running back and forth to the different stations. Please take note of the top picture, of both Mark and Mark in the bubble maker. Thats how you are supposed to play with it . I left those 2 alone for 2 minutes right before we decided to leave and Big Mark had let the little one play in the soap and sit in the soap , so the child was covered in soap. This later lets Big Mark fight that the baby doesnt need to be washed off because he was in soap!

July 4th Mark ran the Independance 5k in Morgan Hill. He did rather well considering he had been sick 2 days prior and maybe and I mean MAYBE had only a bag of crackers and a bottle of water those 2 days!

We had a moment with Mark the other night. I had made Big Mark some guacamole, so before bedtime we were muching on it. I had been spoon feeding Bubba the guac, until ( yes, he was on the counter) he grabs a chip out of the bag and started to dip and eat his own chip. Now we probaly baby him a bit or we just didnt realize he can do these things by himself. So we stood there with excitement proclaiming " He can dip his own chip!". Ive noticed alot of things lately he has picked up . Bubba is just growing so fast its just amazing to see what they learn.

One of the Saturdays we decide to take a trip out up to Santa Cruz to check out the boardwalk. Lets just say we never made it. There was such much traffic and no parking! We ended up in downtown Monterey eating a vegan diner called Saturn. Didnt realize it was vegan until we got our hamburger and well it wasnt hamburger. LOL. There happened to be a park 2 blocks over , so we spent the afternoon there.

First official day of Marks vacation we went to Carmel Beach. We got there around 8:30 and it was gorgeous. So beautiful , I recommend to anyone. Bubba chased around a 2 crows that had camped out next to us because they spyed the PB sandwitch Mark was eating. While Mark and I people watched, oh and checked out everyones dog. We felt a little left out by the fact we were sitting there in our bathing suits and everyone else on the beach was walking around in sweats and jackets.

Mark was able to take Bubba to 2 weeks of swim lessons. They had a great time , Bubba LOVES the water. He never wanted to get out , but he did like to try and escape when they praticed getting in and out of the pool.

This picture is totally random. One day I was taking photos of our bedroom ( I dont remember why) and I didnt realize till later looking at the picture that Bubba was standing there holding to his blanket ready for his nap. Its as if he is standing there saying " Can you put me down for a nap now Mama?" .

Always during bathtime I hear " Baby come and look at this! " , this time it was this.

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