Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Painting and Moving

Just about a week has gone by. Spent that entire week here in our new (old ) home. So many things have happened this past week, but we have been slaving with paint and moving. We'd like to thank all of Marks classmates and Holly and Daves son for coming out and helping. We were so shocked to see pretty much his entire class come out with their trucks and move an entire house in 4 hours. Also a special thank you to Holly for packing up things that werent packed. We had planned on doing that when all the big stuff was out , but next thing ya know she was bringing in boxes with everything in it. My sister and Eric also came up to help me watch the baby and replace me ( in the physical labor portion). THANK YOU EVERYONE!
We just wanted to show everyone what we have been up to here at the house. A little background , we moved houses within the same Old Fort Ord. We moved from a house only a couple years old to a 50 year old duplex. We LOVE it. Some may think we are crazy from looking at the new homes to the older homes , but homes are what you MAKE them. Starting since Tuesday of last week Mark started painting. Then I came in and helped from Wednesday to Friday. We never want to paint again! We love the paint , but oh man was it a pain in the butt! The only thing we changed about the home was adding a couple coats of paint and taking down the blinds.

Now the pictures didnt upload in the order we had wanted them to, but here is a picture from the end of the hallway after and before.

The colors may seem bright , but they brighten up the room beautifully. So far Bubba seems to love the place. He just loves to cuddle on the couch with his blanket so far. Oh , he also loves running up and down the hallway stomping his feet on the hardwood floors.

Susan do you see the mirror? Finally got it from Ikea!! After a year of wanting!

Wondering about the other rooms of the house? Well they were painted as well. Except for the guestroom that will become an office/ playroom once we are done with houseguests after the Chloe has come. Plus there are still some boxes in those rooms , so when they are done we will share. We are a little lost on what to do with the kids room though. After looking at Susans and Tyas beautiful baby rooms were stumped!

The handsome handyman , who had a full week of school, painting, moving and triathlon training.


  1. Looks great! I love the color!

  2. Looks very cheery and homey!!

    Good luck in the next few weeks!

  3. Cant wait to see what you do with the kids room I know it will look great. I like the living room paint color. POST PIC OF CHLOE!!!