Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Painting and Moving

Just about a week has gone by. Spent that entire week here in our new (old ) home. So many things have happened this past week, but we have been slaving with paint and moving. We'd like to thank all of Marks classmates and Holly and Daves son for coming out and helping. We were so shocked to see pretty much his entire class come out with their trucks and move an entire house in 4 hours. Also a special thank you to Holly for packing up things that werent packed. We had planned on doing that when all the big stuff was out , but next thing ya know she was bringing in boxes with everything in it. My sister and Eric also came up to help me watch the baby and replace me ( in the physical labor portion). THANK YOU EVERYONE!
We just wanted to show everyone what we have been up to here at the house. A little background , we moved houses within the same Old Fort Ord. We moved from a house only a couple years old to a 50 year old duplex. We LOVE it. Some may think we are crazy from looking at the new homes to the older homes , but homes are what you MAKE them. Starting since Tuesday of last week Mark started painting. Then I came in and helped from Wednesday to Friday. We never want to paint again! We love the paint , but oh man was it a pain in the butt! The only thing we changed about the home was adding a couple coats of paint and taking down the blinds.

Now the pictures didnt upload in the order we had wanted them to, but here is a picture from the end of the hallway after and before.

The colors may seem bright , but they brighten up the room beautifully. So far Bubba seems to love the place. He just loves to cuddle on the couch with his blanket so far. Oh , he also loves running up and down the hallway stomping his feet on the hardwood floors.

Susan do you see the mirror? Finally got it from Ikea!! After a year of wanting!

Wondering about the other rooms of the house? Well they were painted as well. Except for the guestroom that will become an office/ playroom once we are done with houseguests after the Chloe has come. Plus there are still some boxes in those rooms , so when they are done we will share. We are a little lost on what to do with the kids room though. After looking at Susans and Tyas beautiful baby rooms were stumped!

The handsome handyman , who had a full week of school, painting, moving and triathlon training.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Today Marks sister Ev posted this picture (above) of their Grandmother Doña Evelia Rodriguez . Beautiful, isnt she? Its very exciting to come across photos of "Us". Not literally " Us" but where we come from. Theres nothing greater than looking through photo albums of how we once were or who are parents/grand/great parents were. Just got a little excited and decided to post some family pictures to look back on. Enjoy

Great Grandmother Anne ( my side of the family ) and her brother Bill ( to her left) July 1950 Wildwood , New Jersey.
Grandma Alice (age 16) with her Mother Anne down at the shore one Easter.

Pop Pop Bernie and Grandma Alice.

Pop Pop Bernie thinking hes cool in mink.

GreatGrandfather Roth and GreatGrand Anne

Grandma Alice (age 10 ) , Philadelphia.

Pop Pop and Grandma, I love this picture. So classic

Marks Grandmother Rowena

Paw Paw Carroll and Grandmother Rowena wedding. Dont they look great? So happy and so beautiful.

Grandmother Rowena (age 18) high school photo.

Paw Paw "Navy Guy", Jacksonville, FL.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finger Painting Fun at Emmas'

This morning Mark and Mommy went to a playdate at Emmas house. Fingerpainting and playing with colored rice ( greatest idea) were the activities.

Mark enjoyed playing with everything AND seemed to know what he was doing with the paint! Until I caught him trying to lap up the dirty ( yes, like a dog) water or when he decides to poor the water down his shirt. Or decides its splash time , while the other children are painting. All was cool though he wasnt the only one.

Do you see the cute little girl to the right? Her name is Taylor . I usually notice that she doesnt like when Mark touches things or is near her. So today while the moms were sitting around I turned to her mom and ask " Does Taylor like little boys? Because I dont think she likes Mark", then as we turn to look at the two of them playing with the rice box , Mark picks up a handful of rice and throws it in her face! " Ahhh Nooo!" , which leads to Mary (one of those moms) stating something along the lines of not seeing both sides of the story. Mark is just a boy , and being annoying to a little girl. I see now why she trys to keep him away. LOL.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Vacation

Mark had summer vacation from June 22 to July 3 , though it did seem to start a week earlier than that with only having one class on finals week. To say the least he has been home for a LONG time. To long for him, he has been very antsy about getting back to school. Here are just a few things we did this break. Most of the time we spent at home getting ready for the move , taking naps and watching movies

This holiday weekend we took Mark to My Museum here in Monterey. We had been at home bored , with Bubba going CRAZY. Needing to get him out of the house we decided to head out and see if he could wear himself out. Bubba had a great time , running back and forth to the different stations. Please take note of the top picture, of both Mark and Mark in the bubble maker. Thats how you are supposed to play with it . I left those 2 alone for 2 minutes right before we decided to leave and Big Mark had let the little one play in the soap and sit in the soap , so the child was covered in soap. This later lets Big Mark fight that the baby doesnt need to be washed off because he was in soap!

July 4th Mark ran the Independance 5k in Morgan Hill. He did rather well considering he had been sick 2 days prior and maybe and I mean MAYBE had only a bag of crackers and a bottle of water those 2 days!

We had a moment with Mark the other night. I had made Big Mark some guacamole, so before bedtime we were muching on it. I had been spoon feeding Bubba the guac, until ( yes, he was on the counter) he grabs a chip out of the bag and started to dip and eat his own chip. Now we probaly baby him a bit or we just didnt realize he can do these things by himself. So we stood there with excitement proclaiming " He can dip his own chip!". Ive noticed alot of things lately he has picked up . Bubba is just growing so fast its just amazing to see what they learn.

One of the Saturdays we decide to take a trip out up to Santa Cruz to check out the boardwalk. Lets just say we never made it. There was such much traffic and no parking! We ended up in downtown Monterey eating a vegan diner called Saturn. Didnt realize it was vegan until we got our hamburger and well it wasnt hamburger. LOL. There happened to be a park 2 blocks over , so we spent the afternoon there.

First official day of Marks vacation we went to Carmel Beach. We got there around 8:30 and it was gorgeous. So beautiful , I recommend to anyone. Bubba chased around a 2 crows that had camped out next to us because they spyed the PB sandwitch Mark was eating. While Mark and I people watched, oh and checked out everyones dog. We felt a little left out by the fact we were sitting there in our bathing suits and everyone else on the beach was walking around in sweats and jackets.

Mark was able to take Bubba to 2 weeks of swim lessons. They had a great time , Bubba LOVES the water. He never wanted to get out , but he did like to try and escape when they praticed getting in and out of the pool.

This picture is totally random. One day I was taking photos of our bedroom ( I dont remember why) and I didnt realize till later looking at the picture that Bubba was standing there holding to his blanket ready for his nap. Its as if he is standing there saying " Can you put me down for a nap now Mama?" .

Always during bathtime I hear " Baby come and look at this! " , this time it was this.

Just "Us"

Here it is the beginning of the Hebert Blog! With Chloe coming sometime in the next few weeks I thought it was time for our family to be together in one blog. Hope you enjoy keeping up with us and the many changes that our coming our way within the next few weeks! Please stop to comment and say hi , so we are able to keep up with you as well.
Started this blog of with alot of random pictures not everyone has seen before. Either we didnt have time to post , or we are hiding the fact that we dont look like movie stars , LOL. The thing is , this is US. From going to 5ks , to sitting at home in our Pjs eating our Thanksgiving dinner this is what makes us a family.

While being stationed in Bremerton , Washington for a short time we were hit with a couple of snow storms . These are pictures from the second one that hit us. We got ALOT of snow. I would love to say that we made the snow man , but someone made that handsome devil. After spying on them making it from my kitchen window , we decided to go down and pose with him like he was Santa Claus. Bubba seemed to enjoy the snow .

For some reason , I dont remember why , we just didnt do the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I know we were invited to the Gilespies house , but I think one of us was sick. So the night before we picked up some Chinese food ( Im not sure it was an actual CHINESE restaurant , might have been Vietnamese, who knows) the night before , then stayed in our Pjs for the day and watched some movie. Thank you, Vicki for spending Thanksgiving with us and taking the picture! We have only a handful of all of us together , and they are not always the prettiest shots.

April 11th, 2009 Mark and I ran the Run of the Bulls in Palo Alto. We didnt place but we had a great time. I may be 6 months pregnant here. It was great to get out and participate in a race with Mark. I had only planned to walk it , but then I didnt like being left behind so I picked up a jog. Then Mark ran back after crossing the finish line to push me through the end. We had a blast , then spent the afternoon at IKEA. It was a good day. Again , thank you Vicki for coming to visit us and watch Mark.

In January we moved down to Monterey, CA. Mark had to get back up to Washington so it was just Bubba and I for awhile. During that time my Dad came up to stay with me a couple weeks , then my mom, bro and sis came up at the end of the month. It was the first time I had seen then since we moved back to the states. It was interesting seeing how time changes everyone.

These pictures are not in chronological order. This picture of Bubba was taken in Washington while the packers were there packing us up.

Mark found out he was accepted to the METOC program! The picture really doesnt show how excited he really was. I think he might have been sleep deprived and in shock.
Bubba , Gidget and I lounging on the floor in our little apartment in Washington.

In November 2008 , Mark and I drove down to Monterey to secure new housing. So we toured Naval Post Graduate School. Funny how we drove all the way down to make sure we got new housing and now we couldnt wait for our lease to be up so we could get into the older housing.

"Us" and Vicki ( camera man ) taking a walk in the neighborhood in Silverdale , WA. Look at the gorgeous color of the tree! Beautiful folage in WA , " But I do think the folage in Ohio is underrated" - Do you know which movie that line is from?

This would be our first ferry ride in Washington. We went with Marks grandparents to visit family in Seattle.

Fort Ord Dunes Beach here in Monterey. Bubba was loving the sand. We had a FREAK heatwave. Marks first time at the beach.

Zoolander face?

Ok , we thought this place was so cool. We took a walk down Fishermans Wharf in Monterey. For those of you that dont know , when you walk down this wharf people stand outside there restaurants trying to drag you in. We hadnt decided on eating lunch there BUT then the Host at Dominicos says "Hey! Does the little one want to see some sealions?!", we hadnt seem them yet , but we could hear them like crazy. So he walks us in and BAM, whole load of them sunning and swimming around. I just said " we'll sit right here". It turned out to be an awesome lunch . Bubba didnt seem that interested in the sea lions but he did enjoy the birds that we walking on the ledge. He kept trying to feed a MASSIVE seagull one of his french fries , and the seagull of course was trying to get to that french fry through the glass.

I gave the baby a redvine. Enough said.

At a playdate at Erinns house, it was Easter Egg hunting time! It was interesting to watch all the children go at it. There were some that knew what they were doing and then there were the ones like Bubba who had no clue but eventually caught on and were grabbing all the could carry.

A little after Christmas , my mom sent me a box of gifts which were all wrapped. So Bubba and I had a mini Christmas on the 27th. It was great!

Now here is one of the shots we dont like but its something of "US". Somewhere on Cannery Row in Monterey.

Isnt he a cutie?