Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finger Painting Fun at Emmas'

This morning Mark and Mommy went to a playdate at Emmas house. Fingerpainting and playing with colored rice ( greatest idea) were the activities.

Mark enjoyed playing with everything AND seemed to know what he was doing with the paint! Until I caught him trying to lap up the dirty ( yes, like a dog) water or when he decides to poor the water down his shirt. Or decides its splash time , while the other children are painting. All was cool though he wasnt the only one.

Do you see the cute little girl to the right? Her name is Taylor . I usually notice that she doesnt like when Mark touches things or is near her. So today while the moms were sitting around I turned to her mom and ask " Does Taylor like little boys? Because I dont think she likes Mark", then as we turn to look at the two of them playing with the rice box , Mark picks up a handful of rice and throws it in her face! " Ahhh Nooo!" , which leads to Mary (one of those moms) stating something along the lines of not seeing both sides of the story. Mark is just a boy , and being annoying to a little girl. I see now why she trys to keep him away. LOL.

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