Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just "Us"

Here it is the beginning of the Hebert Blog! With Chloe coming sometime in the next few weeks I thought it was time for our family to be together in one blog. Hope you enjoy keeping up with us and the many changes that our coming our way within the next few weeks! Please stop to comment and say hi , so we are able to keep up with you as well.
Started this blog of with alot of random pictures not everyone has seen before. Either we didnt have time to post , or we are hiding the fact that we dont look like movie stars , LOL. The thing is , this is US. From going to 5ks , to sitting at home in our Pjs eating our Thanksgiving dinner this is what makes us a family.

While being stationed in Bremerton , Washington for a short time we were hit with a couple of snow storms . These are pictures from the second one that hit us. We got ALOT of snow. I would love to say that we made the snow man , but someone made that handsome devil. After spying on them making it from my kitchen window , we decided to go down and pose with him like he was Santa Claus. Bubba seemed to enjoy the snow .

For some reason , I dont remember why , we just didnt do the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I know we were invited to the Gilespies house , but I think one of us was sick. So the night before we picked up some Chinese food ( Im not sure it was an actual CHINESE restaurant , might have been Vietnamese, who knows) the night before , then stayed in our Pjs for the day and watched some movie. Thank you, Vicki for spending Thanksgiving with us and taking the picture! We have only a handful of all of us together , and they are not always the prettiest shots.

April 11th, 2009 Mark and I ran the Run of the Bulls in Palo Alto. We didnt place but we had a great time. I may be 6 months pregnant here. It was great to get out and participate in a race with Mark. I had only planned to walk it , but then I didnt like being left behind so I picked up a jog. Then Mark ran back after crossing the finish line to push me through the end. We had a blast , then spent the afternoon at IKEA. It was a good day. Again , thank you Vicki for coming to visit us and watch Mark.

In January we moved down to Monterey, CA. Mark had to get back up to Washington so it was just Bubba and I for awhile. During that time my Dad came up to stay with me a couple weeks , then my mom, bro and sis came up at the end of the month. It was the first time I had seen then since we moved back to the states. It was interesting seeing how time changes everyone.

These pictures are not in chronological order. This picture of Bubba was taken in Washington while the packers were there packing us up.

Mark found out he was accepted to the METOC program! The picture really doesnt show how excited he really was. I think he might have been sleep deprived and in shock.
Bubba , Gidget and I lounging on the floor in our little apartment in Washington.

In November 2008 , Mark and I drove down to Monterey to secure new housing. So we toured Naval Post Graduate School. Funny how we drove all the way down to make sure we got new housing and now we couldnt wait for our lease to be up so we could get into the older housing.

"Us" and Vicki ( camera man ) taking a walk in the neighborhood in Silverdale , WA. Look at the gorgeous color of the tree! Beautiful folage in WA , " But I do think the folage in Ohio is underrated" - Do you know which movie that line is from?

This would be our first ferry ride in Washington. We went with Marks grandparents to visit family in Seattle.

Fort Ord Dunes Beach here in Monterey. Bubba was loving the sand. We had a FREAK heatwave. Marks first time at the beach.

Zoolander face?

Ok , we thought this place was so cool. We took a walk down Fishermans Wharf in Monterey. For those of you that dont know , when you walk down this wharf people stand outside there restaurants trying to drag you in. We hadnt decided on eating lunch there BUT then the Host at Dominicos says "Hey! Does the little one want to see some sealions?!", we hadnt seem them yet , but we could hear them like crazy. So he walks us in and BAM, whole load of them sunning and swimming around. I just said " we'll sit right here". It turned out to be an awesome lunch . Bubba didnt seem that interested in the sea lions but he did enjoy the birds that we walking on the ledge. He kept trying to feed a MASSIVE seagull one of his french fries , and the seagull of course was trying to get to that french fry through the glass.

I gave the baby a redvine. Enough said.

At a playdate at Erinns house, it was Easter Egg hunting time! It was interesting to watch all the children go at it. There were some that knew what they were doing and then there were the ones like Bubba who had no clue but eventually caught on and were grabbing all the could carry.

A little after Christmas , my mom sent me a box of gifts which were all wrapped. So Bubba and I had a mini Christmas on the 27th. It was great!

Now here is one of the shots we dont like but its something of "US". Somewhere on Cannery Row in Monterey.

Isnt he a cutie?

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