Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bubbas First Official Haircut

Bubba has had plenty of trims. We like to keep it long. But it had just gotten to a point that mommys haircut were turning out really bad. So when Aunt Vicki came to town we went in for the haircut. I had only wanted a trim but as she was cutting I just said "while you have him , you might as well cut if all off!" . He was not happy as you can see. He looks like a clean little boy now but its truly not him. I think I wont ever cut it again . I will happily be the mom with the little boy with long hair.

Miss Chloe at 4 Months

Lil Miss Chloe Simone is getting so big so fast. Shes mastered getting up on her arms and shes working hard with rolling over. She is the biggest sweetheart and a mamas girl. She is sitting in my lap as I type and trying to grab my fingers. She likes to speak LOUDLY. Loves one on one attention. Fond of the staring game. Has become a giggle box but she doesnt give out giggles for free. She loves love and has been having a blast her at Aunt Evs.
We feel very blessed to have another happy baby!

Painting Picture Frames

One day this past week I was feeling creative. So Ev and I packed up the kids and made our way out to Michaels where we bought some wooden picture frames and some washable finger paint. Washable finger paint is not meant for wooden frames. LOL , it just didnt stick . So we let the kids go crazy. Sophia seemed to have a great time. She is a little picasso and Bubba enjoys EATING the paint. Chloe was a spectator wrapped up because it was somewhat cold outside. We had a good time. Kids are funny when allowed to go crazy

Audubon Zoo New Orleans

First time to the zoo and I really wouldnt say it was a great experience. The New Orleans zoo is very cool . My 20 month old and zoo = Frustrated Mommy. We quickly went through some exhibits and then let Mark walk around. Thankfully Ev took us to a playground located IN the zoo (sweet) and Mark enjoyed himself there. When we come back from Christmas we plan on going again with backup a.k.a Daddy.
My favorite part had to be this gorilla. He set himself up to people watch. I felt sad that he look bored but then was amused when he put a leaf on his head to block the sun. Ev and I talked about how they probably enjoy people watching and making fun of us. If so Im sure this gorilla would have some good stories to share.

Fun at Aunt Evs

Staying here with The Benoits has been a blast. The kids have been fun running around in this magical land of toys. They may not be at the point of enjoying one another , but some day soon they will warm up to one another. There has definitely not been a shortage of toys and laughter. Sad to be leaving to go home a little early but we will be back in 2 weeks.

Gymrompers New Orleans

Ev and Sophia are members of Gymrompers here in New Orleans. Kids have free reign of a gym with padding and toys everywhere. There are songs , instruments and puppets. Bubba could care less about all that and just wants to run around slamming himself into things. Chloe is starting to have a good time watching everyone and listening to music! Thank you to Abuela for making us members as well. So when we get back for Christmas break we get to go to classes as well!

New Orleans Aquarium and Cafe Du Monde

Family picture! We're almost all there .

GLORIOUS Bignets. If you have AFN I'm sure you've seen the commercial for Cafe Du Monde. Messy but very yummy. Ultimate funnel cake?

Bubba was very excited about the street performers! With all his dancing we should have put a hat beside him and have him make some money.

" Whos dis ?"
Bubba enjoying his Paw Paw and Abuela.