Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

The past 2 days were spent making our Flintstone costumes and attending Halloween parties. We had a great time! Mark and I spent all afternoon Friday on making our costumes. I never thought I'd be the parent making halloween costumes. Not that I didnt want to , I just thought I would never be able to do it. With Marks help , and of course the lovely sewing machine Mark bought for me in Japan we were able to whip up some pretty cool costumes. My Wilma costume was " destroyed " Friday night right before the Ward Halloween party :( We ( well I) cut the bottom up a little to high and you could see my bum. In Marks mothers words I looked like " robinhood, indonesian nanny , rocker " , something along those lines. For Halloween I did pull back my hair and color it , then made a skirt from a pillowcase. We were glad Bubba kept his lil handmade BamBam Ballcap on the whole time. No he was NOT allowed a wooden bat , that would just be dangerous. Marks costume came out just marvelous , you really couldnt mess that up. Then Chloe as lil Pebbles was cute as a button.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Nike Womens Half Marathon

This past weekend Mark and I ran the Nike Womens Half Marathon in San Francisco. We really had the greatest time! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! We won last minute entries to this race! This was my first half marathon. I still dont have the official time but we came in at 2:48:00 ( according to my watch), we were shooting for 2:30:00 but it will do. We both went in with some injuries, but we were cruising along untill I had to go pee at mile 8 and the next bathroom wasnt at till mile 9! Going UPHILL it was hard to pick it back up , then the pain starting kicking in , then going into mile 10 was down a massive steep hill ... I walked :( The force on my knees was so painful I admit I had tears in my eyes. Once we leveled out we picked it back up. I slowed down for some water and out of pain , but last mile we were cruising again.
We crossed to finish line to a red carpet with hottie firemen ( I didnt know they were firemen till Mark told me , I thought they were all hired models) in tuxedos carrying a silver platter with our Tiffany & Co necklaces! Then hustled through to recieve our milk chocolate , water, bagel , kashi cereal/yogurt, and finishers T-shirt. Then we came to a halt where everyone was standing around , at that time all the muscles in my legs cramped up and in a herd of people I had to sit on the ground. I kept wondering how everyone around me was just chilling out not in the same amount of pain . Then again I was not really ready for this race, and exactly 12 weeks postpartum... no excuses though.
Other than the pain , we had a blast. At mile 5 I turned to Mark and said " This is the first time we have ran together alone for 2 years!" , plus it was the longest time we have spent alone since having Chloe.
Also we were so very lucky to get our first "family photo" the day before at the expo at Union Square Nike Town!
We truly had a happy day and are looking forward to our next half marathon in 4 weeks at the Big Sur Half!
Getting excited , on the shuttle to the starters line!

Tried to get down to pick up our pace bracelts , we got stuck like sardines! We didnt cross the starting line till 20 minutes after the race started! So many people.

These photos dont give justice to how big and beautiful Alcatraz looked. Plus I thought it didnt seem that far away from land, so Sean Connery from the Rock could have easily escaped.

The stretch tent... I was in a lot of pain there. It was the only place to sit down to even try and stretch , it was still pretty packed though.

It was all worth it ; scenic route, time with my love, cool finishers t-shirt and a Tiffany & Co necklace!

Far Behind But Ahead

Wow, you cant catch up sometime. I look at the last post that I never finished but started a month ago! As of yesterday Chloe is 3 months old. People look at that and not think much , but it really seems like a long/short time. So much can happen in so little time. Like bringing a life into the world. I love my babies. Mark is now 18 months , super wow. He is so big! Everyone always thinks he is 2. Right when we started wondering when he would start talking , it started picking up. He will randomly copy words , and loves to say " car" "book" "yes". Other words are random. Its can be so weird to hear him say words. Its sad to say but I already forgot what he first said to me , but all I can remember thinking was " Dear Lord , hes possessed". LOL. Then after the shock I was thrilled.

As for us as a family , we have been training for 4 half marathons, changing dirty diapers , launching a website, Mark has been studying ... well I could go on. Here is a little bit of us...