Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

The past 2 days were spent making our Flintstone costumes and attending Halloween parties. We had a great time! Mark and I spent all afternoon Friday on making our costumes. I never thought I'd be the parent making halloween costumes. Not that I didnt want to , I just thought I would never be able to do it. With Marks help , and of course the lovely sewing machine Mark bought for me in Japan we were able to whip up some pretty cool costumes. My Wilma costume was " destroyed " Friday night right before the Ward Halloween party :( We ( well I) cut the bottom up a little to high and you could see my bum. In Marks mothers words I looked like " robinhood, indonesian nanny , rocker " , something along those lines. For Halloween I did pull back my hair and color it , then made a skirt from a pillowcase. We were glad Bubba kept his lil handmade BamBam Ballcap on the whole time. No he was NOT allowed a wooden bat , that would just be dangerous. Marks costume came out just marvelous , you really couldnt mess that up. Then Chloe as lil Pebbles was cute as a button.

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  1. Great costumes - you would do the Cornwalls proud (they always do theme costumes.)